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5on Google,Jan 22, 2022


This was a fast and smooth process and I had a good relationship with my agent.

5on Zillow,Jan 21, 2022


I have purchased many homes in my lifetime and this was my first refi. It simply could not have gone any easier or better. Mark and Todd are pros and they worked exceptionally well in making a potentially tedious and emotionally draining situation go exceptionally well.

5on Zillow,Jan 20, 2022


This was our first experience utilizing an online mortgage lender. We were skeptical and a bit hesitant at first, but the cheaper refinancing costs (when compared to local lenders and competing online lenders) and overall great experience with Thomas Cross and Watermark definitely changed our minds. While we always prefer to do our business local, and always give them an opportunity, working with Watermark was simply a better financial decision and was a very pleasant and painless experience. While Watermark may not openly advertise their rates as much as competing online lenders, we found their rates were some of the absolute lowest (we compared about 6 online lenders) and found all of their fees to be transparent and reasonable, with no surprises. Some competing online lenders we received quotes from initially advertised lower loan origination fees, lower payments or equal/slightly lower interest rates. But when it came down to real world numbers, we found many of the competing lenders had various additional fees, higher fees in other areas and that their lower rates were actually due to the customer having to buy down additional points (an added cost). In short, most of the competitors were a bit deceitful in their “open” advertising of “lowest rates and fees”. Once we narrowed it down to three lenders, Watermark was the most straight forward, low pressure, and answered all of our questions directly, with no vagueness. When we had questions, Thomas came through each time with an honest and direct answer. When narrowing our decision down to two lenders, we elected to go with Thomas and Watermark for four main reasons: (1) Low fees and reasonable closing costs (2) Prompt & direct answers to our questions (3) No pressure or smokescreens (4) Easier online application process. Fortunately, because of our favorable credit and significant equity in our home, Thomas was able to get the appraisal waived, along with some other fees/closing costs. He was very proactive in getting us the loan we wanted, getting us the best rates and lowest fees, and communicating with us each step of the way. The online process with Watermark was easier than with a competing lender we registered with (as a backup/alternate institution). A notary was sent to our home for closing/signing, which was painless and pleasant. And the loan closed in less than 30-days, an added bonus. Overall, we would highly recommend Thomas Cross and Watermark for you lending needs! Our experience with them was outstanding.

5on Zillow,Jan 15, 2022


Highly recommend Brian! Call him now whether you are thinking of a new purchase or refi. I have been using him since 2018 and did 3 loans with him already: 2 purchases and 1 refi, and still counting! His great service is second to none. Beyound always help get the best solution based on our situation, Brian is also someone I trust to ask him for advise. He’s also my lucky charm as the properties I used him made good rate return also timing wise it always worked out the best for us. Thank you, Brian. Looking toward to our next purchase loan with you!

5on Creditkarma,Jan 14, 2022


1st time buyer, smooth transaction Friendly staff and not pushy. Willing to the time and give you information you will need to make an informed decision. Not just a cookie cutter loan service they will walk you through all your options not just the easiest for them. They are willing to think outside the box and put in extra to get you to the finish line.

5on Google,Jan 14, 2022


I stumbled upon Watermark a few years ago and have not left since. I was fortunate to be paired with Rob Kromberg and he has helped me along the way each time. I have had several mortgages and I have not had as good customer service anywhere else. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

5on Zillow,Jan 14, 2022


I stumbled upon Watermark a few years ago and have not left since. I was fortunate to be paired with Rob Kromberg and he has helped me along the way each time. I have had several mortgages and I have not had as good customer service anywhere else. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

5on Creditkarma,Jan 14, 2022


Awesome Absolutely awesome rate and service. Definitely recommend.

5on Creditkarma,Jan 13, 2022


Best experience for a refinance! I had a wonderful experience with this Watermark, specifically Renee who helped me every step of the way. She was forthcoming about what to expect and answered all my questions. I appreciated the level of communication and assistance. Watermark went out of their way to ensure I was able to close before my rate changed. I was very apprehensive about the refinance process but it turned out great.

3on Creditkarma,Jan 10, 2022


What Customer service but Quick lending The process was long and since I’ve used Watermark in the past I know there is a comparison on how the loan works. The good thing is that we were funded and closed on our home. My concern came about when their loan agent begin to request additional paperwork (past 90 statements) that I didn’t have to submit in the past. When I questioned it my response was because she wanted to. Just really blew me away. I will no longer be using them in the future.

5on Zillow,Jan 08, 2022


When I looked up the best rates at the time I was worried I was going to get what I paid for. This could not have been farther from the truth. By being fast and professional Jesse saved me a ton of money, as rates were just about to climb and I had a small window to lock the best rate. His skill and knowledge lead to me getting locked in fast. However that is not the end of my review. I have worked many years coaching and training successful sales, customer service, and insurance agents. One of the most important things to me is that I knew I could trust Jesse and he really was looking out for my well being. He operates with the ideal that his customers are also his friends and treats them like family. You can’t fake that.

5on Zillow,Jan 07, 2022


Miranda was very quick to respond to my questions and made this whole process seamless. Never had to guess what was next, she kept us up to date with our status the whole time. Very professional and highly recommended.

5on Google,Jan 06, 2022


Jesse Nelson, my loan officer with Watermark Home Loans and his team were professional, very friendly and very personable. He answered and clarified every question. I have done quite a few home loans in my life time but this was no pressure, super friendly, didn't have that feel when you are in a dealership buying a car lol! I got a rate I initially thought was a "No way!" especially considering what others were quoting me. I definitely will do it again. Highly recommended!

5on Zillow,Jan 06, 2022


Worked so hard to get our house to refinance and close fast. Was under a time crunch and had issues with a former lien on the house with a previous owner. Got it cleared and taken care of the proper way. I highly recommend Miranda for anyone looking to refinance or get a first time mortgage!

5on Zillow,Jan 04, 2022


Brian was great to work with and was helpful with giving loan estimates and options in a timely manner. The process was pretty smooth but did take longer than 45 days which was a bit long but that was mostly due to constraints with my schedule and the appraiser.

5on Google,Jan 01, 2022


If I could give 10 stars, it would be for this duo. Amanda Blankenship and Sarah Schott from Watermark are the A team when it comes to streamlining the home loan process. Not only were they efficient in delivering to our closing timeline (a few days in advance!), they were extremely responsive and professional from start to finish. Amanda's knowledge of the market and Sarah's attention to detail made a normally chaotic process, a little more bearable for buyers like my husband and I last month. We highly recommend Watermark for any home loan service needs.

5on Zillow,Dec 26, 2021


Jason was great to work with. He and his team were able to help us close on our refinance very quickly. Never worked with a team that was that painless and that fast! Would highly recommend.

5on Google,Dec 23, 2021


Moses Herrera gets 5 Stars, Lowest Interest Rates online!

5on Zillow,Dec 23, 2021


This was the 2nd refinance deal that went through seemlessly. He's very engaged, accessible and responds to your questions very promptly. I will be recommending him to friends and family.

5on Google,Dec 21, 2021


We just closed our house right on time for Christmas. We worked with Rob Kromberg, he did a wonderful job for us : quick, consistently updating us by emails and phone calls. It was the best decision to choose Watermark Home Loans for us and was very exceptional services.