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5on Zillow,May 13, 2022


Watermark Home Loans financed my home purchase. Their interest rate was the lowest I found by almost half a percent. The service from Travis (loan officer) and Laura (loan processor) was great with frequent communication and personal attention.

5on Zillow,May 12, 2022


We worked with Jesse on a cash out refinance on our primary home. Right from the start, he was interested in our situation and helpful in finding the best option for us. Jesse stayed involved as we submitted documentation, and followed up to make sure everything was in order for review and approval. He continued to provide status updates during the entire process until the loan was funded. He is a great resource to work with.

5on Zillow,May 11, 2022


Rob was a excellent in taking care of my loan needs from start to finish. He was extremely communicative and accommodating throughout the process from initial inquiry to closing. I preferred to communicate via phone or email, but when timing is crucial sometimes via text. Rob & his team handled all of this and made sure that I was fully informed of any changes during this process. He was very informative & ensured I got everything I needed.

5on Zillow,May 11, 2022


Doug was a excellent in taking care of my loan needs from start to finish. He was extremely communicative and accommodating throughout the process from initial inquiry to closing. I preferred to communicate via phone or email, but when time is in short supply sometimes via text. Doug handled all of this and made sure that information flowed freely, but clearly to ensure I got everything I needed. He prides himself on "white glove" treatment and I certainly felt that through out the journey from pre-approval to closing. Doug answered all of my questions, and worked to think ahead so that there were no surprises along the way. One thing I really appreciated that at no time did Doug ever overpromise and underdeliver. If anything, he underpromised and overdelivered in a couple key areas. It was a great experience working with Doug and the rest of the team at Watermark Capital, Inc. I would highly recommend him and the organization to others.

5on Zillow,May 11, 2022

Derly Joel

Lance is diligent, hard-working, courteous, and competent. I highly recommend Lance. His employer is lucky to have him. Anyone seeking a loan would be glad to have him processing their loan.

5on Google,May 10, 2022


Travis at Watermark put in a TON of extra effort to help us navigate our first mortgage. We had a private sale with no realtor involved, so we were pretty clueless about how the process works. Travis was patient and helped us understand what was happening each step of the way. I don't think a mortgage would ever be fun, but he definitely made our road to approval as painless as possible.

5on Zillow,May 10, 2022


Lance Linn provided us outstanding service throughout our loan refinance process, and was always prompt and thorough in responding to our inquiries. We were also very pleased with the exceptional terms and a low interest rate.

5on Zillow,May 05, 2022


Lance went above and beyond what was asked, was prompt in answering questions and made the process a lot less stressful! I'm glad that I was contacted last minute by watermark and was given the opportunity to work with Lance, as no other lenders I talked with was as responsive, friendly, and eager to help out

5on Google,May 05, 2022


We used Watermark for our first home loan and had such smooth experience. They not only were easy to work with, they met our relatively quick closing, and had amazing rates. We got quotes from other lenders that were actually >1% higher. Their online portal for uploading documents made the process easy and trackable. We loved working with Charles Newsome and Janeen Cadwell.

5on Zillow,May 05, 2022


Overall the Watermark Home Loans outperformed my expectations on value and the staff was available to me when I needed clarification. Their Customer Hub or portal was very good for the application and was easy to use and I could review the stages of the loan process.

5on Zillow,May 03, 2022


Great experience with Monica Reyes.I worked with Monica Reyes who was extremely knowledgeable, responsive and efficient in every possible manner. Thank you so much

5on Google,May 02, 2022


Great rate with prompt courteous service. Monica Reyes answered all our questions and provided good guidance in the process.

5on Zillow,Apr 30, 2022


Watermark was awesome. Second time using them for a home purchase. Rob Kromberg was my loan contact, and he did an excellent job. Thanks again!

5on Zillow,Apr 29, 2022


I found Lance Linn from Watermark Home Loans on Bankrate.com. He and his team were amazing since the beginning, they got me the best rate possible, the loan process was easy, fast and smooth, it lasted less than 30 days and we saved a lot of money going directly with the lender. I highly recommend Lance, Laura and all their teammates. Fantastic job guys, thank you!

5on Zillow,Apr 27, 2022


We can’t say enough about how great a job Jason did. If we ever buy another house we’ll be calling Jason again. He was responding at all hours and truly cared about us getting the best setup.

5on Zillow,Apr 27, 2022


Doug and Watermark were great! I shopped around with five or six different online lenders and Watermark had the best rate, by far compared to some. They got us the best rate. Doug is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He gave great advise.

5on Zillow,Apr 27, 2022


Fast and Great Service. When I had a problem with my escrow, Lance was on top of it and resolved all of my issues. I will do business with Lance again.

5on Zillow,Apr 27, 2022


Brian’s the best! Very reliable & knowledgeable. He was there from the very beginning until the end. Being a first time home buyer we were nervous but he made the whole experience easy! So thank you Brian couldn’t have done it without you

5on Zillow,Apr 26, 2022


Doug was very knowledgeable, dependable, honest, and always put my best interest first! I will definitely recommend Doug and his company to any one currently in the market looking to purchase! He is a true gem!

5on Zillow,Apr 26, 2022


Lance made refinancing my home a quick and easy experience! He reached out instantly, helped answer all my questions, and was very friendly. He was knowledgeable. I felt like was it good hands when working with Lance.