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5on Zillow,Sep 16, 2021


Thomas has been a pleasure to work with! I've done 8 mortgages in my life, and I have to say this one was the most pleasant experience. Thomas is very knowledgeable about the mortgage industry, very friendly, always had time to answer my questions, and he is very honest and trustworthy. I purchased a home in 2018 and wanted to refinance at a lower rate. Thomas gave me a great rate, closing costs were very reasonable, and there were no hidden charges or fees. He also made sure I understood the quote and the contract, and kept me informed throughout the approval process. I highly recommend Thomas Cross at Watermark Home Loans for your mortgage needs!

5on Zillow,Sep 15, 2021


Alex got me the best deal and he was straight forward and spent the time to talk me through all the different loan options I had received from different lenders and what worked best for my situation. There was no spin at all. Also after I chose Alex, the process was super easy and fast to close.

5on Creditkarma,Sep 15, 2021


Chose them twice! They took care of me and have helped me refinance my home twice now. They are attentive when you have your paperwork in order, everything flows smoothly.

5on Zillow,Sep 14, 2021


Ryan was fast, professional and knowledgeable. Super fast quoting process concise and gave his frank expert opinion. Rates from his firm were competitive. Was a great experience speaking with him over phone and via email.

5on Creditkarma,Sep 12, 2021


Great customer service Quick, honest, efficient. Personable and upfront. Nothing ever goes perfect, but they dealt with it professionally.

5on Zillow,Sep 10, 2021


Couldn't have found the process easier to refi our home. We just uploaded digital copies of our financial information (which is made easy since records are at our fingertips due to online accounts), and boom we are done in what felt like a few short weeks later. Super pleased with the ease of the process and the responsiveness of Alex and his team. I would highly recommend. (BTW rate was as desired/expected, but lower than most competitors)

4on Creditkarma,Sep 10, 2021


Not for manufactured homes Not for manufactured homes which I wish I would have known before going through all that

5on Zillow,Sep 08, 2021


Kevin was FAST! Very quick replies to all our questions, by phone and by email. Friendly, and gave us all the information we needed to understand and feel confident in the mortgage agreement. Definitely would recommend. Thank you, Kevin!

5on Zillow,Sep 07, 2021


Kevin helped me refinance to a lower rate loan. Through the process, Kevin was communicative and straightforward regarding the options and terms of the loan. The refi was relatively painless.

5on Zillow,Sep 07, 2021


The whole process was great. We were able to get a super low rate and it went very quickly. I haven't worked with anyone better ever. I would definitely recommend them. Vincent was awesome.

5on Zillow,Sep 07, 2021


Kevin was a dream to work with. He was extremely responsive, helpful, friendly, and professional. I contacted about 10 different lenders when shopping for a 20 year, cash out refi on my home near Seattle, and Kevin stood out for his low rates, fast responses to all questions, helpful attitude, and seamless application process. He got me a great rate with significant lender credits, and we went from application to closing in less than a month. I was a little nervous about going with a lender I wasn't familiar with (all my other home loans have been with my local credit union), but Kevin exceeded my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend Watermark to anyone. The closing process was so smooth, they sent a notary to my house on a weekday evening so I did not need to take time off work or figure out childcare. Every single person I interacted with on his team was also responsive and professional. I highly recommend Kevin Dunlap at Watermark Home Loans to anyone looking for a mortgage or refinance. Thank you, Kevin!

5on Google,Sep 07, 2021


The refinance process was great. Vincent did a great job for us and the whole team was easy to work with. Highly recommended!

5on Google,Sep 04, 2021


Closed fast with Vincent! He knock it out of the park, low rate, no hassle, great service. Highly recommend. Only complaint is I'm not able to get a HELOC through them. Was with ACU prior, it took over 6 months for a refi and still didn't close. So we changed to Watermark.

5on Zillow,Sep 04, 2021


I have nothing but good things to say about Dyllon Bobo of Watermark Hone Loans. This is the first time I have sought financing without being able to shake someone’s hand. I was not sure how I would feel about not being able to look my broker in the eye. But Dyllon made the process easy for me. He was very responsive, knowledgable, and he stayed on top of my loan application process from beginning to end. He was very available, by email and by phone, when I sought to contact him. I would give him 10 stars if I could. If I ever refinance or seek another home loan, I just hope Dyllon Bobo is still in the biz! . From the time I got the quote to closing was a surprisingly fast process (which is not true of friends of mine who have used local banks to refinance recently.). So, high marks all around for Watermark.

5on Google,Sep 03, 2021


Very positive experience! Vincent and his team made the process simple and seamless.

5on Creditkarma,Sep 03, 2021


excellent experience Very personalized experience. The loan officer go above and beyond to help in any way they can, and they just happened to have the best rate and terms available.

5on Zillow,Sep 03, 2021


Rate and cost are very reasonable, easily beats other lenders' offer. Fee cost is transparent and accurate. Watermark team provide lots of help during the process.

5on Zillow,Sep 01, 2021


Let's face it, easy may be an overstatement as home loans and refis are never "easy". But, Michael and the team at Watermark gave us the best rate (1/8% less than what we found from our previous lender) with a solid rebate to cover closing costs. We had one hiccup along the way, but that was quickly resolved by Michael. We closed in just under a month due to the team quickly responding to questions and clarifications on information requests. I can definitely recommend the Watermark team.

5on Zillow,Sep 01, 2021

shelby p

Thank you Michael for the incredibly smooth and timely assistance in our refinance process. It was a pleasure working with you and we will most definitely be referring people your way!

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


Great experience! Our refinance went very smoothly!