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5on Google,Jun 24, 2022


We’re very glad we chose Watermark for our first home buying experience. We were lucky enough to have Jack Olson as our Mortgage Banker and he was extremely gracious and helpful throughout the entire process and I had a million questions! He was very patient and helped us feel at ease the entire time. We couldn’t recommend them enough.

5on Zillow,Jun 23, 2022


Brian was recommended to us and I can see why! We had never refinanced before and after the first initial conversation with Brian, I had a good feeling. He was attentive and pleasant and made us feel comfortable when we spoke. I had told him we needed to get this done asap and he made it happen!! He was in constant communication with us and made the entire process super easy! We were very fortunate to have his help and I would recommend him to anyone looking to refinance their home!

5on Zillow,Jun 22, 2022


We worked with Watermark years ago during our first refinance and when it came time for a second one, we willingly took a quote from them. From the start, Rob Kromberg with Watermark was different compared to the other lender representatives. He started with his best offer, he did not try closing tactics, he just listened and answered questions, and helped us in this manner through each step of the process. I pushed the process because we needed this to close as soon as possible and Rob kept up right along with us and we got our refinance closed quickly. I like to ask a lot of questions to understand the nuance of the process (like how lenders determine equity ratios, thresholds for underwriting, etc.) and I like to explore potential options. Rob helped us without hesitation, never seeming bothered by my questions or requests, and never brushing my queries off as unnecessary. Great process, everything was professional, relaxed, and easy to work with!

5on Zillow,Jun 21, 2022


Lance was an excellent partner for the entire loan process--he was extremely knowledgeable, flexible, and punctual throughout. He was able to provide a same-day pre-approval letter for shopping, provided same-day rates and high level estimates on rates and payment options, and was able to overnight convert our loan from FHA to conventional. Lance also worked behind the scenes to ensure no blockers arose throughout our process, escalating wherever he needed to. I think it speaks for itself that both our escrow officer and buyer real estate agent independently commented that he was fantastic to work with and they both wanted to work with him as a preferred lender in the future. I can't recommend working with Lance highly enough!

5on Google,Jun 11, 2022


Brandon Emerine was absolutely amazing. I heard some mixed reviews earlier about Watermark, but Brandon proved them wrong. It wasn't easy with timezone differences, but Brandon was always a phone call away. He was very professional and stayed in close contact till the deal was done, and also put many things to our favor. I recommend him highly, and hopefully looking to work again with him in future.

5on Zillow,Jun 09, 2022


Jason and his team went above and beyond to get this loans done. They were Efficient, highly communicative, easy to work with and professional. This is the 4th time I have used his services

5on Zillow,Jun 06, 2022


Doug was able to beat all of the competition in regards to pricing in the beginning. I then ended up in a situation where I had to replace the entire roof in order to clear inspection, leaving Doug and his team a week to close. Doug was able to close on the day I had to close so that I didn’t have to pay a loan lock extension! Quick to communicate and made it clear on what was needed. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone getting a loan, especially a first time home buyer. It’s not uncommon for some of theses lenders to take advantage of first time buyers and you can count on Doug to be transparent and give you the best deal. A true pleasure to work with.

5on Zillow,Jun 03, 2022


James Allen is one of the best bank officers in mortgage loans. He helped me with a refinance application and the best 30 day locked-in rate upon my initial inquiry of refinance(in the shortest time). During the processing, had it not been his genuine care for his client, the locked-in rate would not have be able to sustain. His perseverance in securing the best for his client's interest really tops all expectations - he had to extend 5 times for me until closing due to complicated legislation on condos and HOA documents. He never gave up but worked incessantly, diligently trying to help complete the application and close. His professionalism, respectfulness (when a family trauma took place, he had allowed personal space for me and not allowing my application went under concurrently) - for me, this human quality of James Allen speaks far beyond the financial paradymn and it is most invaluable in this refi experience for me. James is an exemplary in his class and I will recommend him most highly to all of my friends who will have mortgage needs! It is professional like JA who makes customers seek out to do business with the company he represents. Kudos and way to go!!

5on Google,Jun 03, 2022


Rob was a great help, super friendly, and very knowledgeable! They were one of the quickest to reply when I was shopping rates, and they were thorough through the process.

5on Google,Jun 02, 2022

Victor &

Watermark is a great lender, providing competitive rate and was super responsive throughout the entire process. I'd highly recommend you working with Jack Olson as your mortgage banker. He is a great partner, very knowledgeable and addressed all my questions timely via phone and email. Jack treated us, the client, with respect and I really appreciate his support and guidance throughout the entire loan process.

5on Zillow,Jun 01, 2022


When I was contemplating a mortgage refinance to consolidate debt, it was my “dumb luck“ to bump into Jesse. After being contacted by other lenders, Jesse’s professionalism, “on it” work ethic, and personable manner won me over. Though I was a bit wary because of the rising interest rates, Jesse worked me a deal where I was able to consolidate debt without raising my mortgage payment. The loan application was initiated on May 10, 2022 and funds were dispersed on May 31 without a single glitch. Throughout the entire process, Jesse proved himself to be in-the-know about anything mortgage, “on it” in terms of responding to my queries, and very personable. Without reservation, I would highly recommend Jesse and Watermark Home Loans …….. a person and company that deliver exactly what they promise in a very efficient, timely and personalized manner.

5on Zillow,May 30, 2022


I have one word after working with Jesse : Amazing. Through every step Jesse was responsive, supportive, and helpful to get us to close on time and with an amazing experience. Even at certain points when we had unusual requests from the underwriter, Jesse was with us every step making things happen. If you are looking for a lender who is a partner, Jesse is the lender / contact you want to work with.

5on BirdEye,May 26, 2022


I went through a divorce after a long abusive relationship. On top of that, my ex maxed out all my credit cards, bought stuff in my name (like a truck) and gave it away, broke pricey items that had to be replaced, damaged the house etc... Slowly trying to recover, replace, rebuild and of course the credit cards are the worst! And of the credit bureaus TransUnion seems to be transitioning into a scam or mob like business. Then a friend recommended a certain 760Plus Credit Score. I reached out to them immediately and I'm lucky I did, they helped me erase all the negative items and raised my score to excellent. I was able to get a good deal for my new car thanks to them. Contact them on 760pluscreditscore at gmail dot com.

5on Zillow,May 26, 2022


I shopped around quite a bit for Mortgage Lenders but decided to go with Watermark in the end. Brian was a big part of that as not only did we get a great rate during these particular times, but he was responsive and there to help us along through the process.

5on Zillow,May 23, 2022


Brian made it so easy! He was quick and on top of things! Definitely way smoother then I thought it be, especially as a first time home buyer. He’s a great person to work with and I can’t be any happier! I would definitely recommend going with Brian!

5on Zillow,May 19, 2022

Florida - Worked

Purchased a new home in Florida, and these guys know their stuff in all states. Been working with them for over 6 years now, and probably always will 🙂

5on Google,May 17, 2022


After using Watermark Home Loans for a previous loan I decided to use them again for a new home purchase. Upon calling in need an offer letter ASAP I had the pleasure to speak with Patrick Ingram. He was able to supply me with the letter in a very timely manner. Once my offer was accepted Patrick made the process seamless. He kept in communication with anything that was needed in order to rush the process along. The loan closed on time within 30 days. Patrick was very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend Watermark Home Loans and Patrick Ingram for anyone looking for mortgage products.

5on Zillow,May 13, 2022


Watermark Home Loans financed my home purchase. Their interest rate was the lowest I found by almost half a percent. The service from Travis (loan officer) and Laura (loan processor) was great with frequent communication and personal attention.

5on Zillow,May 12, 2022


We worked with Jesse on a cash out refinance on our primary home. Right from the start, he was interested in our situation and helpful in finding the best option for us. Jesse stayed involved as we submitted documentation, and followed up to make sure everything was in order for review and approval. He continued to provide status updates during the entire process until the loan was funded. He is a great resource to work with.

5on Zillow,May 11, 2022


Rob was a excellent in taking care of my loan needs from start to finish. He was extremely communicative and accommodating throughout the process from initial inquiry to closing. I preferred to communicate via phone or email, but when timing is crucial sometimes via text. Rob & his team handled all of this and made sure that I was fully informed of any changes during this process. He was very informative & ensured I got everything I needed.